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Item List

Assorted Appetizers

For two. A combination of fried prawns, egg rolls, and fried wontons.

Barbecued Spare Ribs

Juicy meaty roasted pork ribs

Cheese Dumplings

House specialty. Gold crispy dumplings filled with immitation crab meat and cheese.

Drums of Heaven

Eight skinless crispy chicken drumettes

Foil Wrapped Chicken

Teriyaki chicken pieces wrapped in foil

Four Season Platter

For two. Fried prawns, eggplant slices, egg rolls and crab dumplings.

Fried Calamari

Tempura style with fresh lemon wedges

Fried Prawns

Golden brown deep fried prawns

Fried Wontons

Fifteen crispy wonton chips gently fried in light oil

Green Bean Fries

Ready for mustard wasabi cream dipping

Pot Stickers (Homemade)

Six pork dumplings prepared in our kitchen daily

Spicy Wontons

Steamed wontons bathed in garlic and chili sauce (spicy)

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