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General Tsou's Chicken (spicy)

Tenderized chicken stir-fried in spices and garlic


Spicy Eggplant Chicken (spicy)

Eggplant and tossed white meat chicken in a spicy chili-ginger sauce


Teriyaki Chicken and Vermicelli

Sliced teriyaki chicken and Chinese vermicelli with sesame seeds


Lettuce Wrapped Chicken

Stir-fried minced chicken, water chestnuts and plum sauce served with iceberg lettuce cups


Three Ingredients

Prawns, scallops, and white meat chicken combined with vegetables and wine sauce


Pepper Salt Fish Filet

Lightly breaded sole filet with fresh ginger roots and scallions sprinkled with black pepper


Garlic Crispy Calamari

Breaded calamari crispy fried and topped with a tangy ground-garlic sauce


Sesame Walnut Prawns

Tiger prawns and honey-roasted walnuts topped with a creamy sesame sauce


Sesame Honey Glazed Chicken

Sliced chicken breast lightly battered and crispy. Prepared in a glazed honey and ginger sauce with sesame seeds


Honey Orange Fish Filet

Top choice of Tilapia filet, served golden breaded and topped with a honey and tangerine sauce


Spicy Basil Asparagus Prawns (spicy)

Gently cooked tiger prawns with fresh asparagus and basil in a unique spicy ginger sauce. Served with steamed broccoli.


Black Pepper Prawns w/ Long Green Bean

Tiger prawns seasoned with black pepper and served with fresh long green beans and crunchy cashews.


Organic Tofu with Eggplant (spicy)

Hot and spicy. Delicate Asian purple eggplant strands and organic tofu in basil ginger sauce.


Steamed Sole Filet with Ginger

Filet of sole, prepared with fresh ginger, roots, cilantro, scallions, and rice wine and a touch of aromatic dark sesame sauce


Famous Crispy Duck

Half marinated duck (crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside) served with steamed buns.


Peking Duck (order one day in advance)

The most renowned duck entree in Peking. 


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