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Cashew Chicken

Tender chicken pieces with fresh vegetables and toasted cashews


Sweet and Sour Chicken

Golden brown boneless chicken and juicy pineapple chunks in sweet and sour sauce


Garlic Chicken

Toss cooked chicken, mushrooms and pea pods in a garlic sauce


Kung Pao Chicken (spicy)

Chicken breast, fresh vegetables and crunchy peanuts in a hot and spicy sauce


Curry Chicken

Curry seasoned chicken with mushrooms and onions


Chicken with Black Beans

Tender chicken stir-fried in our fabulous garlic and black bean sauce


Garlic Crispy Chicken Wings

Crispy wings in a tangy ground-garlic sauce


Ginger Chicken (spicy)

Crispy, boneless chicken in a spicy ginger sauce


Broccoli Chicken

Sautéed chicken breast and fresh broccoli


Spicy Tangy Chicken (spicy)

Deep-fried chicken pieces topped with garlic and chili


Lemon Chicken

Lightly battered chicken covered with a fine lemon sauce


Rainbow Chicken

Chicken breast slices toss cooked with baby vegetables.


Orange Chicken

Crispy chicken pieces coated with tangerine sauce.


Mu Shu Chicken

Flavored eggs and vegetables, served with 4 pancakes and plum sauce ($0.70 each additional pancake)


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