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Mandarin Beef

Stir-fried beef, broccoli, baby corn and onions garnished with rice noodles


Double Mushroom Beef

Fresh black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and juicy beef in a tasty sauce


Broccoli Beef

Sliced beef toss cooked with fresh broccoli in a unique sauce


Mongolian Beef

Succulent beef tenderloins garnished with scallions and rice noodles


Tomato Beef

Marinated beef and fresh tomato slices covered in a juicy sauce


Beef with Assorted Vegetables

Toss wok stir fried with fresh baby vegetables


Szechwan Beef (spicy)

Crispy beef coated with fine chili powder and then toss cooked in a spicy sauce


Green Beans Beef

Juicy slices of beef & fresh green string beans


Hunan Beef (spicy)

A special dish for spice lovers. Delicious beef sliced gently toss cooked with leeks in a hot sauce.


Manchurian Beef

Battered beef slices coated with ginger-honey glaze


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