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Lunch Special Menu

Each Lunch served with your choice of Veggie Egg Roll, Wonton Soup, or Veggie Hot & Sour Soup and Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice.

Only available during lunch hours.


Broccoli Beef

Sliced beef toss cooked with fresh broccoli in a unique sauce


Mongolian Beef

Succulent beef tenderloins garnished with scallions and rice noodles


Tomato Beef

Marinated beef and fresh tomato slices covered in a juicy sauce


Mango Beef


Szechwan Beef (spicy)

Crispy beef coated with fine chili powder and then toss cooked in a spicy sauce


Green Beans Beef

Juicy slices of beef & fresh green string beans



Assorted Vegetables

Mushrooms, snow peas, broccoli, baby corn, celery and greens in a white gravy sauce


Green String Beans

Fresh green string beans toss cooked in garlic sauce


Szechwan Eggplant (spicy)

Sautéed Asian eggplant braised in a unique garlic-ginger and chili sauce


Stewed Organic Tofu

Prime organic tofu mixed with vegetables and covered in a rich brown sauce


Baby Boy Choy w/ Black Mushroom


Broccoli with Fresh Garlic

Sautéed fresh broccoli with fresh garlic



Wonton Soup                                 

Homemade wontons, shrimp, and pea pods in a savory chicken broth

Small ($11.50); Medium ($12.50)

Sizzling Rice Soup

Shrimp, chicken, water chestnuts and pea pods with crisp rice patties

Small ($11.50); Medium ($12.50)

Egg Drop Soup

Vegetarian soup with celery, mushrooms, and peas blended with egg white

Small ($11.50); Medium ($12.50)

Chicken & Corn Soup 

All white meat chicken and chopped corn in a velvety egg drop

Small ($11); Medium ($12)

Hot & Sour Soup (spicy) 

Shrimp, shredded pork, bamboo shoots and egg drops in a peppery stock (Vegetables only on request)

Small ($11.50); Medium ($12.50)

Wor Wonton Soup

BBQ pork, shrimp, chicken and wontons in a rich chicken stock

Small ($12.50); Medium ($13.50)


Chinese Chicken Salad

Crispy chicken, fresh greens topped with sesame lemon dressing


Shrimp Walnut Salad

Crispy shrimp and greens in sesame cream dressing


Marco Polo Pasta Salad (spicy)

Crispy chicken, egg noodles on a bed of fresh greens and spicy dressing


Chef's Favorites

General Tsou's Chicken (spicy)

Tenderized chicken stir-fried in garlic spices. 


Spicy Eggplant Chicken (spicy)

Eggplant and white meat chicken tossed in a spicy chili-ginger sauce.


Almond Mango Chicken

Fresh cut mangos prepared in our fabulous fruit sauce with crunchy almonds.


Honey Orange Fish Filet

Top Choice of Tilapia filet, served golden breaded and topped with a honey and tangerine sauce.


Spicy Basil Asparagus Prawns (spicy)

Gently cooked tiger prawns with fresh asparagus and basil in a unique spicy ginger sauce. Served with steamed broccoli.


Black Pepper Prawns with Long Green Beans

Tiger prawns seasoned with black pepper and served with fresh long green beans and crunchy cashews.


Garlic Crispy Calamari

Crispy breaded calamari fried and topped with a tangy ground garlic sauce.


Sesame Walnut Prawns

Tiger prawns and honey roasted walnuts topped with a creamy sesame sauce.


Famous Crispy Duck

Half marinated duck (crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside) served with steamed buns.



Sweet & Sour Prawns

Plump prawns covered with sweet & sour sauce.


Garlic Crispy Prawns

Lightly battered prawns in a tangy ground-garlic sauce.


Szechwan Prawns (spicy)

Deep fried battered prawns in spicy Szechwan garlic-ginger sauce.


Cashew Nut Prawns

Stir-fried prawns paired with crunchy cashew nuts.


Rainbow Prawns

Delicious prawns covered in mild sauce with colorful vegetables


Prawns with Broccoli

Juicy prawns sautéed with fresh broccoli topped with a mild sauce


Kung Pao Prawns (spicy)

Tender prawns stir-fried with vegetables and crunchy peanuts, with kung pao sauce



Cashew Chicken

Tender chicken pieces with fresh vegetables and toasted cashews


Sweet and Sour Chicken

Golden brown boneless chicken and juicy pineapple chunks in sweet and sour sauce


Garlic Chicken

Toss cooked chicken, mushrooms and pea pods in a garlic sauce


Kung Pao Chicken (spicy)

Chicken breast, fresh vegetables and crunchy peanuts in a hot and spicy sauce


Curry Chicken

Curry seasoned chicken with mushrooms and onions


Broccoli Chicken

Sautéed chicken breast and fresh broccoli


Spicy Tangy Chicken (spicy)

Deep-fried chicken pieces topped with garlic and chili


Lemon Chicken

Lightly battered chicken covered with a fine lemon sauce


Rainbow Chicken

Chicken breast slices toss cooked with baby vegetables.


Orange Chicken

Crispy chicken pieces coated with tangerine sauce.



Sweet & Sour Pork

Juicy pork tenderloins covered with a fine sweet & sour sauce


Szechwan Pork (spicy)

Shredded pork, chestnuts, and bamboo-shoots in a spicy chili-ginger sauce


Mu Shu Pork

Shredded pork, crepe eggs and vegetables served with 3 pancakes & plum sauce. ($0.70 for each additional pancake)


Chow Mein

Pork, chicken, combo, or Veggies Chow Mein    $13.95

Chow Fun

Wide rice noodles stir-fried with garlic and Chinese greens.

Pork, chicken, combo or Veggies Chow Fun    $15.95

Fried Rice

Pork, chicken, combo, or Veggies Fried Rice    $13.95



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