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Assorted Vegetables

Mushrooms, snow peas, broccoli, baby corn, celery & greens in a white gravy sauce


Green String Beans

Fresh green string beans toss cooked in garlic sauce


Szechwan Eggplant (spicy)

Sauteed Asian eggplant braised in a unique garlic-ginger & chili sauce


Black Mushrooms w/ Chinese Greens

Black mushrooms & Chinese baby bok-choy topped with a mild gravy & garlic sauce


Stewed Organic Tofu

Prime organic tofu mixed with vegetables and covered in a rich brown sauce


Hot & Spicy Organic Tofu (spicy)

Organic tofu sauteed with a mixture of spicy chili and sesame sauce


Mu Shu Vegetables

Served with 4 pancakes & plum sauce


Broccoli with Fresh Garlic

Sauteed fresh broccoli with fresh garlic


Curry Vegetable Deluxe

Assorted vegetables in fine curry sauce


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