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Chef's Favorites

Beijing Wontons

Inspired by the Beijing Olympics and Michael Phelp's favorite dish. Steamed wontons bathed in red shallot sauce.


Drums of Heaven

Golden brown skinless chicken drummette wings, recommended in the June 2010 issue of Diablo Magazine


Chicken Black Popcorn

Ready for dipping with wasabi cream sauce


General Tsou's Chicken

Marinated chicken pieces stir-fried in Chef's tingling garlic-spice.


Almond Mango Chicken

Prepared with fresh cut mangos in our fabulous fruit sauce and crunchy almonds.


Pepper & Salt Fish Filet

Nice cut Tilapis fish filet, lightly blended with ginger roots & scallions, sprinkled with black pepper & spice seasonings. (Highly recommended)


Organic Tofu with Eggplant

Hot & spicy, delicate Asian purple eggplant strands and organic tofu in basil ginger sauce. An all-time customer favorite.


Singapore Vermicelli

Curry flavored Singapore style, stir-fried Vermicelli noodles with shrimp, chicken, scrambled eggs & vegetables.


Black Pepper Prawns with Green Beans

Tiger prawns seasoned with black pepper cooked with fresh long green beans and crunchy cashews.


Spicy Basil Asparagus Prawns

Gently cooked tiger prawns with fresh asparagus in a unique basil spicy ginger sauce. Steamed broccoli on the side.


Honey Orange Fish Filet

Filet of sole golden breaded, topped with honey tangerine sauce.


Pepper & Salt Spare Ribs

Sprinkled with pepper & salt seasoning and fresh ginger root spice.


House Onion Pancake


Pork Bun


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